Newsletter 27 del 15.01.2008
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  You never have to stop. Never have to rejoice at the successes you had, no matter how great they are.
Ideas, living with new ideas and historical certainties. Thinking big between Milan, Italy and the World, that is the common thread of the fourth edition of Identità Golose, the same of the Restaurant Guidebook, a challenge that from Italy casts on the whole planet. That’s because gourmets from every part of the world love to break any border. And a dish made in Italy is exactly like an invention of a chef working in any other place of the world.
Milan willing to host Expo 2015, Milan last century cradle of creativity both in the restaurants and in the editorial offices, the italian version of Nouvelle Cuisine and Michelin Guide, Gualtiero Marchesi, Ezio Santin and Pina Bellini, Gino Veronelli and Marco Guarnaschelli Gotti. But also «la Milano da bere», the happy-hour place to be, the city of international people that mingle with fashion system, trying to dictate new trends, willing to find back that vital impulse and those passionate skills that have always marked milanese citizens sitten at the table of a restaurant.
Yet Milan is crowded with building sites that will definitely change the face of the city, a strong and embryonic wish to start again and to reach the first line, besides other successful italian territories such as Piedmont and Rome, Parma and Verona but also more hidden districts (and just because of that full of great proposals) like Abruzzo, the host region of 2008 edition, and Sicily, which was host region 3 years ago.
The 2 stages of the congress this year will host more than 64 chefs, restaurant keepers, bakers, pastry and pizza chefs showing their art and science on a 4-days full of events. Not only Milan confronting with Italy and the World, then, but also many other themes like the great families in restaurants, the world of bread and pizza, the best of pastry techniques and the best of the best of a nation which is an extraordinary kaleidoscope of greedy images: Great Britain. Furthermore, Slovenia is back and Brasil and Finland make their debut.
It’s so true: you never have to stop.
Paolo Marchi

Identità Golose, 48 chefs make their debut
We may say many things about the 2008 edition, the fourth, of Identità Golose but not that the two halls will host «always the same chefs». The program is already defined and it's articulated into 64 lessons held by 48 (48!) chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, butchers, sommeliers at their debut as speakers.
The opening day, January the 27th, sunday, Gualtiero Marchesi with Fabrizio Molteni and then Claudio Sadler and Andrea Berton will make their debut, 11 debs on a total of 14 that day, a fact that expresses our big effort to show a wider and wider vision of national and international cooking scene.
The goal is to make people understand that quality is spreading worldwide (and to consider how wrong it is to think that Italians are repositary of gastronomy truth).
Moreover a four days program, like this years, is not enough: we had to lay aside a couple of ideas and to postpone to 2009 some invitations like the boy's mother you see in the pic.
His name is Andrea Menichetti and he works at Caino restaurant in
Montemerano, Grosseto: on tuesday 29th he’ll speak about bread on the Sala Blu stage. But he’ll be back on 2009 with his mother Valeria on the family day. And with his father Maurizio too, who is the curator of an amazing wine cellar.